L.C.C. Inc, is a family owned company. Luis Carlos Chavez (President) worked 12 years for W.W.F. Inc, a highly regarded and reputable OTR Wholesale company. It was under those 12 years he learned all aspects of the used and new OTR business alongside some of the best professionals in the industry. Now with 18+ years in the OTR industry we hope to bring value to your company as one of your exclusive tire suppliers.

Starting as a OTR repair tech, inspecting and purchasing OTR Tires from all directions of the globe to sales both domestic and international. We pride ourselves in our passion and knowledge of the OTR business.

We keep a large inventory of new and used OTR Tires in Fort Lupton, Colorado. Ready to ship and get to your location in a timely manner. All our used tires carry a reasonable service warranty. We extend our gratitude to our existing loyal customer and welcome those who choose to give us an opportunity.

LCC Tires

Our Mission

We are striving to be your premier OTR Tire supplier and your one stop for earthmover tires in new and used.

¿Why Choose Us?

For 18 plus years we have been building business relations all over the globe, we only go as far as the customer and our business partners take us. We hope to build business relationships for many many years and we are passionate about the earthmover tire industry as you are and we hope through our honesty and hard work we can supply quality used and new earthmover tires for the future and generations.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction / Loyalty / Teamwork / Quality / Innovation / Social Responsibility.

LCC Tires

Quality and Service

To provide our customers with the best product at the most competitive price followed through with the best customer service. L.C.C. Inc, prides itself in it’s partnerships, we don’t see our customers or suppliers as just business associates. We like to think that we are friends and family and we hope that our future generations will continue to work together in the earthmover tire industry.

We are available 24/7 and know that the tire market is demanding. Ethics, experience, honesty and values is how we have managed to successfully last in the ever competitive OTR TIRE market for 18+ years.

Through our network of direct distribution, logistics and our global partnerships that extend from North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East we are an American based company that proudly serves our customers all over the globe.